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Tatum Elizabeth is a southwest artist creating work that celebrates the body as a form of trauma healing. Born and raised in Arizona, Tatum wandered the west coast and southwest before setting roots in Denver, Colorado.


Tatum began collaging from pornographic magazines in 2015, and participated in their first exhibition of analog collages in 2016. That same year Tatum used Youtube tutorials to learn Photoshop and move to digital collage.


Tatum has used pornographic and nude imagery to cut, rearrange, and recreate. This process is a cathartic exercise of agency over sexually triggering imagery.


It is a process which has raised questions about the ethics of the source material itself. At some point they had to ask what it meant to collage as a form of healing sexual trauma using images from an industry polluted with sexual abuse itself. This was a catalyst for exploring sexual abuse and trafficking, body politics of homogenous representation, and racism within the porn industry.  This research into exploitative vs ethical porn contributed to a shift in how Tatum gathers source material today. 

Tatum uses this work as a vehicle to raise money and awareness for survivors of sexual assault.

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