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The 'Celebrate Your Body' 
Custom Package

Celebrate Your Body with a one-of kind art piece using empowering images of your body.

This Custom Art Package results in an empowering art piece that shows your unique and authentic body that is always worth celebrating.

‘Body-positivity’ is quite the buzzword. We know we should love our bodies but in a world where body trauma is common, this is often easier said than done. Body dysmorphia, ‘compare and despair’, sexual trauma, physical violence, (dis)ability, racism, aging and more can all play a part in the way we view our bodies, and show up in the world. 

In the simple 3-step process you will choose the size of your art print, then send images of yourself where you feel your most celebrated, strong, authentic, vulnerable, or empowered.


Lastly, Tatum Elizabeth will apply their nearly 10 years of body-centered collage experience, and create a one-of-a kind piece that celebrates you and your body.



Upload your Images

Please read the guidelines below before uploading your images.

- Choose 2-5 high resolution images of your body. (A good iPhone camera often works just fine.)

- Try to have good lighting, and avoid shadows on any part of the body 

- Have fun with this! Choose from existing photos, or have a little photoshoot with yourself, or a trusted friend. Think about the parts of your body you want to celebrate, and the poses that make you feel most celebrated, strong, authentic, vulnerable, or empowered.



Checkout Below 

Allow Tatum 3-4 months to create your custom work of art.

You may provide an optimal deadline, but the ship date cannot be guaranteed to ensure your one-of-a-kind piece the best it can be. 

You will receive an email once it is ready to ship. 

Shipping cost is included in the price. 

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