A portion of every sale helps survivors of sexual assault 

Donations go to The Blue Bench organization and helps fund:

- Sexual Assault Crisis Hotline

- Therapy

- Safety and Empowerment Training

- Prevention Curriculum for Schools


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My collages bring light to the heaviness of trauma. I was experiencing flashbacks, dissociation and was sometimes triggered by sexualized imagery. The local gas station sold pornographic magazines so I bought them. I brought them home, I cut them up, rearranged, and made them into something new. I made them sometimes funny, sometimes pretty, but I made them safe. I exercised control over them, but it was control within the parameters of what was in front of me. That is what collage is. 


You do not get to create something brand new, from your mind, to hand, to canvas. You create from the images that are in front of you. 

Collaging is an exercise of agency reminding me that while I cannot change the trauma of the past, I can choose how I create my future.